How a Safety Lock Invention is Changing Lives

In 1991, Darren Solan set up his own carpentry business, specializing in designing and installing kitchens.

 By 2008, in the midst of the world’s economic troubles, Solan was forced to let his employees go and his business came to a screeching halt. No longer could people afford the materials or the labour. He went through periods of weeks where no new work came in. He was eventually forced to close his carpentry business, selling off its assets to raise money. Then, he had an idea.

 Throughout his time in carpentry, Solan would regularly arrive at homes with locks on the doors. He would have to wait for someone to find the key to let him in to begin work. To solve this problem, naturally one would go with keyless locks fitted with a standard thumb turn lock to prevent anyone from being locked in. The result of this though are homes with back and/or front doors with low-level locks that don’t operate with a key. Therefore, anyone can get out at any time. For parents with small children, this can be a worry.

 What Solan came up with was Safetwist, an invention that replaces the one cylinder mechanism in the lock with one that children don’t have the ability to open. How it does this is that a non-cylinder look would require more force to open than a child under seven has. After developing the prototype, he applied for and was approved for an innovation voucher. Not long after he go tin touch with the Athlone Institute of Technology to continue development on his model.

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Home security is being re-inspired by AI and robotics

Smart homes, robotics, and AI-based surveillance are dominating development in the home security marketplace. Corporate juggernauts like Amazon have made huge investments in digital products meant to average AIs to learn how to best support you and your family. These AI-driven home security devices are still developing but could be easily integrated into any smart home in the near future.

 Using Robotics to Monitor the Home

 Traditional home security is monitored by real human beings. When there is a breach, the system automatically contacts emergency services and you can rest easy with the knowledge that your property is protected. Depending on the home security company, the monthly fee can range as high as $70.

 Self-monitored security systems reduce monthly cost and use technology to secure the home, via motion detectors, sensors, and security cameras. It is up to AI, across these channels, to assess security. In fact, through the use of some AI algorithms, there are some systems that will call emergency services autonomously thereby eliminating any need for human monitoring.

 Understanding the Cameras and Sensors

 The primary component of an AI security system is its security cameras. Self-monitoring and high definition quality, when an intruder is detected, the camera kicks in and begins recording. Facial recognition software is being used on some of these devices to recognize common visitors to the home and to build a catalogue of known visitors. This is how an intruder is distinguished from a family member or an unexpected guest.

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A Toronto Airbnb rental that went oh so wrong!

We’ve all been warned about the ‘worst case scenario’ when renting out our homes on AirBnB. Recently, a Toronto couple unfortunately found their century-old Victorian home trashed after renting it out for a weekend in July. Among the items stolen, this included a 50-inch TV, several family heirlooms, and a sneaker collection.

 The property was rented out on a site similar to AirBnB known as Kid & Coe. The couple who lost these items are now suing Kid & Coe for estimated damages to the home and the value of their stolen property, totalling $100,000. The couple suspect more than fifty people may have been in their home, going through drawers and closets searching for anything of value they could find. They suspected they were renting to a young couple with a toddler but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have been the case. Later, they found out fraudulent credit card information had been used.

 The first hint of trouble came a day after their guest checked in. While visiting New York, the couple renting out their Toronto home received alerts on their mobile phone reporting smoke in the home. The night prior, a noise complaint had already been field by their neighbor. When the couple called their security company to investigate, eight adults were discovered sleeping in the home. They were promptly evicted and a relative filed a police report not long after.

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What You Need to Know About Panic And Fire Safety Devices

 When owning a business or even when it comes to your own residence, it is of utmost importance to know about fire safety and Ontario’s Fire Safety Regulations. Action Locksmiths have an extensive product line up when it comes to hardware for fire exit doors. They are reliable and certified with the highest standards in the industry and are used in many commercial buildings. Our mechanisms are built to tolerate high traffic from all forms of institutions – from schools to hospitals. We are able to secure any type of door with our hardware. We offer both fire and panic related rod configurations that are used with either narrow or wide stile exit mechanisms. Whether using a metal, wood or other type of door frame we have what you need. Remember, that for each different configuration, there are different standards that are required, so always be sure to consult a trusted locksmith.

Be assured that all of our hardware is UL approved. Following all provincial fire exit standards, we are highly knowledgeable in our product line up, we are guaranteed to be able to provide you with the best service in the industry. We are also available to come inspect fire safety devices to determine what else is needed and if everything is covered under the fire code. More information on the Ontario Fire Code can be seen here.

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Choosing the Right Locksmith For Your Needs

 Almost everyone finds themselves in need of a locksmith at one point or another in their life. If you were to do a quick Google search of locksmiths in your area, guarantee you would have pages on pages of companies to choose from. It is essential to do your research before choosing the right locksmith for you. Since there are so many locksmiths out there the market has become quite competitive. Always read up on customer reviews when picking a locksmith. Because they deal with the security of your property, you want to hire a company that you are able to trust. This is especially true when it comes to the safety of you and your family. Knowing what to search for when browsing locksmith services will take away the stress from the process.

First, you must consider the reason you are in need of a locksmith. Is this for your home or business? Or have you somehow managed to lock yourself out of your car? There are different types of locksmiths and they all have different specialties. There are some companies that just deal with residential homes, while some deal with commercial properties only. Then there are a select few who only deal with vehicle lockouts, and if you’re lucky you can find a locksmith who deals with all of the above. Let’s look at what different types of locksmiths take care of.

Residential locksmiths are your day to day locksmiths. They are the ones you call when you seem to have lost your house keys and have looked everywhere without success. The residential security system of your home is what they tend to be most knowledgeable in.

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Finding a Locksmith in Toronto – What to Look For

It is always a good idea to have the contact information of a familiar locksmith that you trust. From emergencies to installing new security measures, they are indeed the professionals to call. If you do a simple Google search for locksmiths in Toronto, you will get a list of hundreds of available locksmith companies in your area, ready to serve you. Feel free to browse websites and look at the different services each company offers. It is also important to check out past customer reviews to see if anyone was disappointed in their work.

If you’re in the market for a locksmith, it is important to know you’re hiring one in the first place. A lot of locksmiths are only equipped to deal with residential homes, while others deal with mainly commercial properties. Then there are some who are trained only in vehicle locks. If you’re lucky, you can find locksmiths who are a sort of “jack of all trades” meaning that they specialize in all types of locks.

There are many residential locksmiths in the Greater Toronto Area. These locksmiths tend to specialize in rekeying or repining locks, and installing deal bolts. They are also the ones to call when you have lost your keys and have found yourself locked out of your house.

Commercial locksmiths tend to have a bit more knowledge on security systems as they normally work with these, and on a much higher level than residential locksmiths. They are used to installing master key lock systems, as well as card access and keypad systems. Whether using a residential or commercial locksmith, both are knowledgeable in repairs and maintenance as well. They know just how to spot likely trouble areas and can give solutions before actual problems arise.

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5 Ways A Locksmith Can Help Secure Your Home’s Front Door

If there have been recent home invasions in your neighborhood and you are looking to keep your house secure, then the front door should be your main focus. Most burglaries happen through the front entry after all so it is a good idea to keep it solid and secure. Locksmiths are of course key in this area. They are skilled in knowing where the problem areas are and knowledgeable in how to fix them. By calling a locksmith you will have peace of mind in knowing that the work will be done correctly.

1) The first step you want to take is making sure that you have a secure and reinforced door jamb. This is after all the weakest part of the door, which most burglars aim for when trying to access your home. All other aspects of the front door security can come afterwards, but taking care of the door jamb should be your #1 priority. When looking for proper door jamb reinforcement kits be sure that it includes elements for the hinge side of the door and has means to correctly fasten them to the door jamb. By following through with the decision to hire a residential locksmith, you won’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong product for your door.

2) Now that the door jamb has been properly reinforced it’s time to take a look at your lock system. What kind of lock do you have? Is it one or two locks? Is there a deadbolt lock? You’ll want to consider all of these questions when purchasing a high quality lock. There are many locks on the market these days that offer anti-drill protection. This is a very good thing to look out for when purchasing a new lock. This is a very common method of a burglar trying to gain access inside, and with these types of locks you are guaranteed that not even the most high-end drill will be able to get through. In addition, higher security locks are equipped with more metal inside, as oppose to cheaper locks that are often hollow inside. This will ensure that they cannot be drilled or cut into. Again, having a locksmith install these locks will guarantee that the locks are fitted correctly and that their security has not been compromised in any way.

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Finding a Locksmith When in an Emergency Situation

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a locksmith and needed one fast? You may have locked yourself out of the car or lost the house keys, or perhaps you’ve found yourself needing to change your home’s locks due to a personal reason. Thankfully, Action Locksmiths, based in Toronto and the GTA offer emergency services so that you always feel safe. A professional locksmith will always arrive with the proper equipment to help you out with your emergency.

Even if you’re in an emergency situation, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable locksmith. Before you find yourself in such an emergency, take the time to do your research and find the right company for you. If one of these emergencies consist of changing one of your house locks then you will want to have a company that you can trust, especially when it comes to the safety of your family. A simple google search can give you access to customer reviews detailing various experiences with the company. The Better Business Bureau, if they are registered, can also give you information if any complaints have ever been filed against the company or individual. Social media is another good way of getting to know your potential locksmith. Feel free to visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page for customer comments. Many companies even have blogs that they regularly update with news or helpful hints pertaining to the locksmithing field.

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Advice from a Locksmith

Whether renting out an investment property or renting out a basement, there has been a definite rise on private landlord offerings. If you’re looking to become a landlord yourself there are a few things to consider beforehand:

The most important factor is finding responsible tenants. The last thing you want is to be living in a real-life nightmare with tenants that cause nothing but headaches. There are many templates that can be downloaded and drafted into your own concerning tenant screening. Some items that are typically included on a tenant rental application form are: Employment verification (pay slips or employment letter), credit history, banking statements and references (both personal and past landlord references are important and beneficial). It is equally important to follow through with the application you are receiving. If asking for references then call up the references given and see what sort of things they will say about your potential tenants. If asking permission to do a credit check then perform the credit check thoroughly. This alone will save you a lot of hassle and stress down the road if some unforeseen problems should arise.

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Finding a Professional Locksmith in Toronto

Nowadays anyone can claim to be a locksmith. If you know how to change out locks and carry out simple lock jobs and repairs, then you may consider yourself an amateur locksmith. However, for your own security purposes it is wise to seek out a professional, especially when it may come to you and your family’s safety. Thankfully, there are a few ways to determine a real professional versus a wannabe locksmith.

First, let it be known that a professional locksmith will have some sort of credentials. These companies and individuals will and should be fully certified. This includes having a license issued under their state or province. To obtain a locksmith license one must undergo a criminal background check along with finger printing. In the United States, this passes through both the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If in Canada, then this will pass through their individual provincial police department, depending on provincial regulations and requirements.

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Think Twice before you Purchase a Home Security System

Most of us know someone or have heard about someone being a victim of a home intrusion. This can be a scary thing to think of knowing that it could have easily happened to you. More and more people are getting security systems installed in their homes and this may become an appealing thought to you as well. However, there is a lot more to consider regarding security alarms than you may think.

If you are thinking of getting a home security system then be sure to shop around. Get different quotes from different companies. Keep in mind, companies will offer different deals within their terms so it is good to know what will work best for you.

Simple security alarms can be installed for as low as $500 with a three-year lease agreement. These systems usually just cover exterior door intrusion alarms. The more extravagant systems will cover secondary intrusion points; such as attic openings and windows. These systems will most likely also include motion alarms, pressure pads and sensors. These typically can run you between $1,500 to $3,00 and above.

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Looking to Hire a Reputable Locksmith in Toronto?

 Follow these Tips!

 You can’t trust everything you read on the internet, and that logic should be applied to any service searches you do. Many locksmith companies in particular are notorious for offering a bargain price online and overcharging their clients when they show up to do the task requested of them. If you encounter a locksmithing service like this, you’ve probably been duped by a faraway dispatch centre that hires untrained workers to deal with lock problems.

 Most of the time, the locksmith will tell the client what the total cost will be before they start working, but people will pay the amount due to urgency, even if it’s double or triple the quote they were originally provided with. Fortunately, the Better Business Bureau has all the information you need about locksmith companies so you can avoid paying a ridiculous price for a simple job.

 The BBB typically gives a Toronto locksmith company a low rating if their customers frequently submit complaints or if they seem illegitimate in any way. If the company you’re considering is lacking online reviews, a stable address, or a locksmith license, move on to another one. That company is likely a call centre that sends unqualified local workers to do the job, and shouldn’t be trusted.

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The Weirdest Break-ins We’ve Ever Heard Of!

 Discovering that your house has been robbed - or worse, being there while it’s happening - is no laughing matter… in most cases, at least. The same can’t be said for the house intrusions mentioned in this article. These thieves have us scratching our heads, wondering what exactly possessed them to do the odd things they did while breaking and entering. Read on to find out what’s on our list of the weirdest home security mishaps and home intrusions.

 On Christmas Eve of 2010, one homeowner in Dallas was in for a big surprise when they found out their neighbours had alerted police to a break in at their home. The police questioned the intruder, a woman who had been spotted taking fur coats to her car, and asked her what she was doing. She explained that they were hers and she was taking them elsewhere for safekeeping, but upon hearing the story, the homeowner knew she was lying. The thief turned out to be a middle-aged pastor of a local church who had a long time criminal record. That’s certainly not something you’d expect from someone who preaches gratitude.

 An unsuspecting Oklahoma resident came home to a strange sight one evening in July of 2014: a man and his two daughters were in the house cooking a pizza for dinner. Upon being greeted by the criminal pizza cook, the homeowner panicked and dialled 9-1-1. The police arrived and took him away after the interrogation became violent. At least the homeowner got a freshly cooked pizza without having to do all the work!

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Should you invest in a security camera for your home? Consult your local locksmith:

If you’re tired of looking through your front door’s peephole or you’re simply too busy to answer your door every time someone or something is there, you’re in luck - there’s a new product on the market that can help you out.

The recently released Canary Flex Camera is a neat little product that you can set up outside your front door and control with a downloadable smartphone app. The video security camera comes with night vision, waterproof parts, a fully rotating base, and a rechargeable wireless battery. Once you purchase the camera, you can download the accompanying app on your iPhone or Android device to watch live video footage, record footage to store for later viewing, and immediately alert the authorities should an emergency occur.

Unlike many other high-tech security cameras currently available to homeowners, you can change your status to the away option to receive notifications about any unusual footage or movement the camera picks up. Any theft or break in attempts will be recorded as soon as they happen, and they can even be interrupted with the speaker function the camera comes with.

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newest smart lock solution

Household systems have become extremely synchronized, linking lights, televisions, heating systems, stationary home assistants, and even ovens together to form one giant electronic system. While this is impressive and generally useful, door locks are often neglected. Considering how easy it can be to pick a lock, this is a serious security issue.

One new company, dubbed Otto, recognized this early on and decided to do something about it. They created a door lock that substitutes a key with a smartphone app that can remotely engage and disengage the lock mechanism. It may seem superfluous to some, but it’s a much-needed item for those who live in busy or particularly vulnerable areas.

It’s not all that difficult for a person to either gain control of the key to a front door and get a key copy to enter unnoticed, or for someone with a high-tech camera to snap a photo of that key and 3D print a replica for a low price. A smartphone, on the other hand, can be wiped clean of all its applications as soon as the owner realizes it’s lost, which is usually as little as a five minutes. A front door key can be unknowingly lost for an entire day if the owner doesn’t frequently return home.

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What to do if you lose your car keys - Advice from an emergency locksmith

Everybody has misplaced an important item at some point in their adult lives. But when that important item is car keys, the situation becomes ten times more problematic. Your keys may not turn up even after a thorough investigation of every inch of your house and a period of peering into your car in case you locked them inside. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do to save yourself the time and stress of living without your car keys.

It’s essential to keep a spare set of car keys safely locked away, but not all car owners make the effort to do so, assuming they’ll never lose the original set. There are instances, however, in which they don’t seem to be anywhere, and a spare set would be your saviour. Spare car keys are both useful to have and cheap to get, so consider investing in some in the future.

In the case that you don’t have a spare, you’ll first need to determine the type of key your car comes with. Older models tend to use the same type of key you’d use for your home or workplace, a uniquely cut piece of metal that you put into a keyhole and turn. Others use a strictly remote-control button panel composed mainly of plastic. The third and final type is a mix of the two, a plastic-bodied button panel with the bottom half of a key sticking out of it. Each key type requires a different response.

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Be mindful of these issues that can arise when searching online for a local Toronto locksmith.

The internet makes it fast and easy for you to find what you’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always be satisfied with the results. Ill-informed customers who seek out a locksmith in an emergency situation are susceptible to choosing someone who isn’t up to snuff, not knowing the signs of an unreputable locksmithing company. This is especially common for those who look up locksmiths in a very specific area.

While completing a local search in a large city will turn out several good results, creating small physical borders - like a 3 km radius from your location - can tamper with those results. A list of locksmiths that seem to be close to your home will show up, but you’ll have to be careful who you choose, because some of those locksmiths could be shockingly distant.

People who need a locksmith as soon as possible can’t afford to wait around for too long, which is exactly why they do everything in their power to choose a credible locksmith who isn’t too far away. Unfortunately, the recent changes in Google’s search algorithm could be to blame for this. The new setup could be misinterpreting the user’s instructions and simply offering a handful of high-quality but far-out companies to appease the customer’s desire for a positive locksmithing experience at a reasonable price.

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The market's best front door locks - ask a locksmith

You should never compromise the safety of your home with a low-quality or poorly-functioning lock. Even though this is obvious to most homeowners, many don’t consider that potential intruders will try the front door before anything else. If you made the mistake of leaving it unlocked, they can enter effortlessly; and if your door is secured with a deficient lock, it can easily be picked. For your safety, keep your doors locked with the best products in the security industry. Here’s our list of the best electronic locks currently for sale.

First up is the Real Living Key-Free Touch screen Deadbolt Stand Alone #YRD240 from Yale, which retails for about $177. It is made without a cylinder, meaning it can’t be picked by even the most experienced locksmith. It’s engaged and disengaged with either a mobile device app or a passcode that the user chooses, impervious to even the toughest of tools. You can replace the default short screws with two-inch wood screws for added security.

The next lock model is the Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt + Alarm BE469NX CAM #619 (Schlage). This high-tech smart lock can be programmed to disengage with thirty different number combinations, allowing the buyer to give each friend and family member their own entry code. It can also be connected to the Amazon Alexa. It retails for $180.

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Smart locks are electronic security devices that can replace or work with the key lock that came installed with your door. Read our latest blog to learn more:

Keys are slowly becoming an artifact with the constant improvements happening in the security industry. They worked well enough for a while, but now that technology has taken over the world, they’re nearly obsolete. If you’re ready to throw away your keys forever, a smart lock could be perfect for you.

Smart locks are electronic security devices that can replace or combine with the key lock that came installed with your door. Most smart locks function with the property’s Wi-Fi and can be remotely controlled with an app that the user installs on their mobile device. With the app, you can unlock your door from a distance, receive notifications about unusual occurrences, record activity that goes on when you’re away, and more.

Setting up locks isn’t easy, and smart locks are no exception. Installation is easier if you buy a lock that matches the size of your current lock, requiring only an interior and exterior escutcheon replacement. Once your lock is installed, you’ll have to pay close attention to the battery. Although most smart lock models alert users to low battery status, the battery must be changed every so often, which can be difficult if you’re away from home for more than a couple of weeks.

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Taking a late September vacation? Take a look at our latest tips on how to protect your home while on holiday.

Even as summer comes to a close, families are going on last-minute vacations or waiting until travel prices drop in the fall for a temporary escape. Unfortunately, an enjoyable getaway also means your home is vulnerable to damage and break-ins.

Despite homeowners failing to consider potential incidents, statistics show that the risk is high; hundreds of thousands of homes were broken into last year alone. Of course, the commonality of such occurrences shouldn’t put anyone off of vacationing. Instead, homeowners should take the necessary steps to protect their property, and we have the advice you need to keep your own home safe and take your Toronto home security game to the next level.

Before embarking on your annual summer vacation, securely lock all of the doors and windows in your home. If any of your locks are broken or not working properly, make sure they’re repaired or replaced ahead of time. You should consult a residential locksmith who specializes in lock repairs. This not only protects your home from outside threats, but also makes it easier to get full home insurance coverage.

Put any high-value items like money, jewelry, and electronics in a safe, hidden place. If you can, lock them up to avoid making them accessible to anyone who manages to enter your home. For large or isolated homes, it’s a good idea to purchase and set up a security camera system that comes with a smartphone app so you can view footage in real time and ensure your home is safe. Most security camera remote programs are also available on tablets and laptops.

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Tips from a Toronto locksmith that will save you money

Finding a good locksmith can be challenging. Most regions have plenty to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good choices. For many customers, that means blind trial and error. How do you weed out the locksmith companies that don’t suit your needs and pinpoint the ones that do? If you know the tricks, it’s an easy process.

When you’ve decided on a locksmith to contact, ask them how long they’ve been working. Although you don’t necessarily need a seasoned worker who has decades of experience in the field, it’s always best to hire someone who’s been a generally successful locksmith for a few years. Either before or after you contact each locksmith, search the company’s website for testimonials. Mostly positive reviews is a good sign, while negative reviews or a lack of reviews altogether is a red flag.

Request references from the locksmith you’re considering. Contact at least one of these reference to verify their identity and confirm they were satisfied with the service the locksmith provided them with. Even if the first locksmith you contact seems trustworthy and suitable for the job you need done, it’s always a good idea to consider one or two more. That way, you can compare prices, services, and business hours and make a more educated decision.

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 All-Inclusive Keyless Locks Introduced to Australian Hotel

Most hotels stick with traditional practices that have remained effective for centuries, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Keyless locks are being implemented more and more as time goes on, and a hotel in Australia decided to test the trend in hopes of making overnight stays a little easier.

Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley set up Intelity’s MiKEY for all of its rooms. The system was provided and installed by McLaren Technologies and uses a smart device app as a digital key for the keyless entry system. The hotel specifically chose McLaren Technologies for its good reputation in the realm of automation for hospitality services.

Upon receiving the recruitment from Australian private investor Schwartz, the tech corporation with home bases in both Sydney and Singapore accepted the offer and began to look forward to starting business with Crowne Plaza, ready to help out with the innovative side of hotel security.

Although this is a small part of a big security change for the continental country’s hotels, McLaren is no stranger to advanced lock technology. Since 2014, McLaren has given other regions access to specialized hotel apps for digital locks, even in some areas of Australia. This is the first time, however, the company has implemented a lock app with a multitude of features available for guests to use. With an app like this, hotels everywhere could provide better customer service and overall hotel experiences.

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Comcast may soon introduce a smart home - thoughts from a residential locksmith

Cable company Comcast is slowly becoming part of the home security industry with the introduction of multiple new devices, including security cameras and electronic locks. Considering the rise of tech-based home security and fall of cable television subscriptions, this is a smart business move. Its competitors are starting to follow suit.

Right now, things are looking good for Comcast with regards to home security services. Their five-year-old Xfinity home security service recently passed one million subscribers - double the amount they had in 2015. If the business wants to keep this up, however, it needs to pair its effective marketing strategies with innovative product creation.

Apartments are Comcast’s next target. The company will soon be releasing remote controlled thermostats, cameras, and other similar devices to make home management easier. If Comcast continues to go down this path, it will quickly become a significant part of the American smart home industry, which covers products in, around, and outside the home and is predicted to reach $47 billion in revenue by 2020.

The home security market offers a good amount of customer consistency for companies that invest in it, as homeowners who opt for a company with quality products and low monthly rates rarely abandon the products they’ve purchased. This only happens if a customer is extremely dissatisfied with the service they’ve been offered, or if they permanently move somewhere else. For Comcast, customer signup costs are minimal, because those who already pay for cable services can be directly sold to.

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The creator of the Smart Lock receives 25 million for expansion

It’s hard to avoid the August Smart Lock nowadays, the device that attaches to your house’s original lock and lets your smartphone act as the key. Many Airbnb properties are using the model, which can be found at electronic and hardware stores across the country.

Along with this great new addition to home security came a doorbell camera from August Home, the security products company responsible for the smart lock’s popularity. Its recent success has brought it to the top of the market, and it’s not stopping there. AGL, Qualcomm Ventures, and Comcast Ventures have given August Home $25 million to continue its excellent home security work.

This new funding amounts to $75 million in venture capital for the company, which is now looking to expand. It’s already benefitting from its multiple partnerships, like its lock use and compatibility with Postmates delivery service, HomeAway hospitality service, and Sear Home Services.

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AT&T may exit the home security industry. Find out why:

One of the first to enter the home security business may also be one of the first to leave. AT&T is considering selling one of its sectors to cancel out the debts it has incurred upon taking over Time Warner for $85 billion. Considering the company’s debt is now in the hundred millions, a sale of one sector for $1 billion would be practically insignificant. The company may have to sell more if it truly wants to make back what it’s spent.

The sector AT&T would first sell is its Digital Life category. Despite the vague name, this could be a big deal for the home security entities it’s associated with. With numerous investments in home security equipment over the past several years, AT&T is second-guessing its decision to commit so much to a single market. In 2010, the corporation took over the startup Xanboo after a four-year partnership with it, and barely three years later, collaborated with Cisco Systems to create the Digital Life sector of the company.

Even though industrial home security affairs should be classified as an Internet of Things subject, it appears not to be so. By selling its Digital Life portion, AT&T may be eliminating the possibility of merging with other Internet of Things businesses to generate more revenue without investing too much.

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