With city inhabitants relying on locksmiths to help them get out of dire situations, these locksmiths need to be reputable. But recently, the residents of Minnesota have had unsettling and potentially dangerous encounters with the head locksmith from Metro Lockout.

When Sue Heroff called Todd Shiber of the otherwise trusted company to fix her car tire, he demanded she stay inside as he completed the task, going so far as to prod her with his jack handle. Heroff grew fearful very quickly, afraid Shiber would hurt her.

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The 23,000 customers who purchased digital lottery tickets from Edmonton’s Full House Lottery from February 23rd to May 2nd are being warned that the names and addresses on their credit cards may have been stolen by hackers who infiltrated the website.

Not only are these ticket buyers affected, but the over 5000 that purchased house raffle tickets are also at risk. This occurrence followed a similar credit card information exposure on February 22nd, and nearly one month before that, a separate incident allowed hackers to see a digital list of past ticket buyers.

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When we think mobile security, we think smartphones. Since these mini computers have become such an essential part of our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that personal security, in relation to these devices, has become such a major concern. Recent news even revealed that Android has officially beat out Windows as the most used system in relation to Internet use!

Tablets have also taken on a greater role in many people’s homes and/or businesses. Since we still don’t use tablets as much as our smartphones, we often don’t pay enough attention to their security features and we would all do well to brush up on the cybersecurity elements of these devices.

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Cognitive Systems, a Waterloo-based security company founded in 2014, has recently developed something that could revolutionize the way we protect our homes. The device is called Aura, and it detects intruders by monitoring the movements of the beings inside the house.

Before this, only cameras, sensors, and a few microphones were available to the public for domicile security, but they need to be strategically placed, and even the newest ones aren’t all that advanced. What separates Aura from other products is the way in which it senses motion. You can install it in your bathroom and have no privacy concerns.

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Senior citizens often prefer to maintain their independence for as long as possible, but living alone can put them in a dangerous spot if an emergency occurs. A great way to ensure your senior family member’s safety is to set up an automatic security system for their home.

Some security systems can detect empty rooms and switch off lights or running devices, keeping the residence safe and energy-conservative. They can also notify homeowners when there are potential threats outside the house or when guests exit the building.

Surveillance cameras are extremely useful for checking on the home, inside and out. They can be connected to your smartphone so you can see the footage remotely and ensure the seniors in your life are safe.

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The majority of bike thefts unsurprisingly occur in public places, and you could be the next victim. To protect your bike, follow these locking tips to ensure your bike’s security every time.

Register your bike with your city as soon as you can. You’ll receive a labelled sticker to attach to the frame, which helps ward off potential thieves and distinguish your bike from others if it ever goes missing.

When you go to park your bike, choose a safe location with good lighting; bike racks and grounded posts near stores are good options. Make sure to bring the bike’s frame the nearest it can get to the post you’re locking it to. Secure your bike with at least two locks, preferably a cable lock and a small U-lock, for added protection. Picking one lock is hard enough, so it’s unlikely someone will try to pick two.

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After decades of cracking codes and cracking jokes, Phil “Drill Bits” Hobbs died in his hometown of Meriden. He dedicated his life to picking locks, making people smile, and teaching them about religion, having started Phil’s Lockshop and joining the First Assembly of God.

Born in the town of Maine, he went to Farmington High School and broke the state’s pole vault record, maintaining his status for over a decade. He wasn’t limited to just track and field, however, playing football and softball before eventually serving in the army. Post-war, Hobbs finally turned his focus to locksmithing.

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Excitement among software hackers is palpable upon the introduction of several new shortcuts that allow access to Microsoft Windows computers, though owners of said computers are understandably concerned.

It seems that The Shadow Brokers, a popular group in the hacker community, is responsible for seizing these hacks from the NSA, whose workers are required to tear holes in software for spying purposes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened. The first round of hacks was leaked by the same group in August 2016. This second hit, however, may well be the most detrimental hit to the NSA that we know of.

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Imagine this Situation:Locked out of your home or car, you are in a pickle and call the first locksmith you come across in a google search. But this could be both a bad and expensive idea.

In fact, you could have just called a rogue locksmith and there’s no way of knowing that until they show up.

It has unfortunately happened where homeowners or car owners are taken advantage of and have had to pay hundreds to access their home.

The Lesson? Beware of prices that look too good to be true. What may happen is a locksmith will inform you that the price has gone up because it will take longer than expected.

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When you’re locked out of your house, the last thing you’re thinking about is how much a locksmith will cost. But if you’re charged more than you expect after the fact, you won’t be too pleased. So how do you know which locksmith to hire to make sure you get good service without breaking the bank?

First, get a quote or two. Be sure to ask the locksmith what the price will cover - many customers are surprised to find that the charge only covers the service, not the parts used, and are charged more than anticipated. If you’re short on time, ask for the names of the company representatives as well as all terms and conditions before signing anything.

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What’s making news today is a frightful scene that occurred at Tlokweng International border that involved Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) workers. What they discovered was that thieves whose fundamental goal was to break into their safes, rummaged through their workplaces, but thankfully they were not successful in breaking into the safes. Luckily none of the workers were present so no one was injured.

On Tuesday morning it was reported that as workers of both units were accounting for undertaking, they discovered the disaster that had occurred. Their office entryways broken completely unlatched and found that there had been gatecrashers who had attempted to interfere their way into their safes however luckily couldn't and were additionally discouraged by the inescapable stunt. Clearly the robbers were not as successful as they wanted to be or very smart for the matter.

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Retail customers can expect charges from many German savings banks and institutions of finance just for holding their money in the aftermath of an announcement from the CEO of Deutsche Bank, John Cryan. Cryan stated what many interpret to be an early warning sign of monetary repression across Europe. It isn’t spelled out any clearer than “fatal consequences” for savers, to use his terms exactly.

German cooperative savings bank, Raiffeneisen Gmund am Tegernsee, located in a small Bavarian village was the first to make the announcement to customers that merely holding their cash will come at a charge. Consequently, home safes are rising as a popular alternative to risky savings accounts at negative interest rates. German savers seem to be wasting no time to put their savings in something more secure than grandma’s shoebox and not as risky as the bank.

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The Calgary Police Service and the RCMP are asking for public assistance in tracking down a person who stole a locksmith truck from Airdrie and then stole equipment that is used in making keys for properties managed by the City of Calgary.

Owned by Locksmith ABOE, who is a contractor with the Calgary Housing Company, the truck was taken from a parking lot in southwest Airdrie Monday night.

While the truck was found Tuesday morning on Township Road 264 in Balzac, a number of items were missing from the vehicle, including some equipment and tools that can be used to manufacture keys. In addition, a number of sensitive documents about several CHC buildings were also taken.

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Ever have wanderlust? You’re not alone! If you’ve been itching to get away and to do it solo, you’re in luck! Thanks to various statistical sources, we’ve compiled a list of the top safest places in the world to travel to alone. Find yourself, reflect, or have an adventure in one of these destinations:

1) Auckland, New Zealand

Last year, this country was rated as the #4 most peaceful country worldwide and with good reason. Danger here is slim to none due to how open-minded everyone is along with the fact that their police force is one of the most trusted in the world. Basically, less corruption = less danger. Take a ride on the ferry to an island close by and see the youngest volcanos of the area.

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Vaults and safes are probably the first things that come to mind when we think of keeping our personal belongings safe. However, there are always going to be situations in which time passes, the owner of a safe passes away, or perhaps moves, and a safe is left forgotten. Although forgotten for the time being, it sits there, and sometimes, it can sit there for decades.

A safe cracker by the name of “Unkapier” took a crack at a sealed vault that had been considered missing for years and years. No one could track down the owner. No one knew what was inside. However, when Unkapier took a crack at opening it, the contents proved to be very shocking indeed. Getting inside proved to be only a minor challenge for Unkapier, who may have simply worked out the combination.

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The federal government has put forth plans to spend approximately two million dollars on a comprehensive series of essential security updates to the home of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family. Rideau Cottage is getting a 1.6-million dollar upgrade from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The National Capital Commission (NCC), the group responsible for Canada’s official resources, is going to provide the rest of the funds.

Still waiting for parliamentary approval, the request takes up a small portion of the 101-page supplementary estimates document that was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.

Trudeau has chosen to live in Rideau Cottage, which can be found on the grounds of Rideau Hall. This has been the alternative to the traditional address at 24 Sussex, which is currently undergoing some very significant repairs.

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When it comes to home safety tips, you can’t get a better source than a locksmith! We work with a wide variety of commercial and residential properties to address a litany of security concerns and demands. Whether you are a new homeowner who wants to take care of your new, somewhat intimidating investment, or if you have owned a home for a long time and simply want to brush up on home security measures, you might want to take note of the following tips:

• Regarding New Homes: When you buy a new home, replace or rekey the locks. You honestly don’t know what the previous owner might have done in terms of making copies, losing copies, giving out copies, and so forth.

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A group of hackers recently used ransomware to trap a number of hotel guests in their room. Taking control of the central key management system at Romantik Seehotel Jägerwir, the hackers forced guests of the hotel out of their rooms. The discovery that hackers were behind the incident came when several guests of the Alps hotel realized that they could no longer use their card keys to return to their rooms.

The reservation system was also hit by the hackers, in addition to the cash desk system. All of this was done in the name of a $1605 ransom demand, which was to be paid in bitcoin. Left without any options, the hotel had no choice but to pay the ransom.

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After spending the past eight years in the White House with tons of security, it makes sense that the Obama family would want to make sure that their new home is as safe as possible. They will stay in the Kalorama neighborhood in D.C. while their daughter Sasha finishes high school. The home that they will be moving into is a $5.3 million dollar home that will be getting a number of security upgrades in order to make it as secure as possible. Moving is a headache for everyone, but for past presidents and their families, it can be even more difficult to find a suitable home and make sure that it is safe.

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Does your commute to and from work each day leave you frazzled? Do you ever wish you could just fly to the other side of town and skip over all the congestion and bumper-to-bumper traffic? Well, Frantisek Hadrava, a locksmith from a small village in the Czech Republic, turned this wish into reality by building his own personal aircraft for his routine commute.

It took Hadrava two years to build his beloved Vampira, an ultralight airplane this is built with a wood frame. It is quite similar to the Minimax Ultralight aircraft, except the Vampira has no cover over the cockpit, leaving the pilot exposed to the elements.

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At the moment, Microsoft is working on a new feature for Windows 10 that will automatically lock and then secure your device if the O.S. picks up that the individual has stepped away from the machine. The feature has been called Dynamic Lock in a variety of recent test-build efforts. Internally, the company has referred to this feature as “Windows Goodbye”, which certainly makes sense.

Presently, Microsoft utilizes something known as a Windows Hello camera to allow Windows 10 users to log into their devices with only their faces. This would definitely change things.

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Augmented reality games are becoming increasingly popular as evidenced by the success of the recent Pokemon Go. Imagine applying that concept to finding your keys, your remote, or anything else you tend to lose on a regular basis. Bluetooth item trackers are not a new invention. Both Tile and Protag’s Duet have proven to be effective and popular.

However, no one has ever thought to turn that tracking capability into a game. Pixie endeavours to change that, turning the concept of a Bluetooth item tracker into something that functions as a game that can be pretty fun to play. Pixie functions in the same way that products like Tile or Protag’s Duet do, but Pixie adds augmented reality to the mix. The game will show you the general location of whatever is attached to your Pixie clip. Finding your item then becomes a matter of playing a game of Hot and Cold.

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August Home is a company that is well-known for its internet-connected smart locks. This product already works with most of the door locks that you will generally come across within the United States and Canada. However, the company has yet to create a solution that can be used in conjunction with a style of lock that is known as the Mortise. This lock represents a smaller market share within the United States, but it is in fact a very popular type of lock overseas. This is particularly true in Europe.

Things are about to change. August Home has indicated that they plan to create a new smart lock that will have the ability to work with Mortise locks. August Home CEO Jason Johnson has indicated that they are already seeing their locks appear in countries beyond North America, which is currently the only place in which August Home manufactures and distributes its products. As their products continue to appear in countries around the world, August Home hopes to continue making moves that will eventually allow them to distribute and release products around the world.

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This Seattle based startup company, Atlas Informatics, sees its mission as “if you’ve seen it, you can search for it.” Atlas Recall could become a highly important app (free, at the moment) for Mac users. This digital search software doesn’t just remember text summaries of or a link to a site you visited recently, but reproduces “what you viewed.”

Yes, when you search for a previously viewed site, Atlas Recall returns “visual thumbnails” of what you saw when you visited the site. How? This app indexes everything that you’ve looked at and snaps a picture of what you viewed previously. When you search for it, the app returns the image to you.

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Since thieves were unable to break the locks established by the business Lock and Key Solutions, they chose to go for the window instead. They were successful, but Maritsa Gouws, a Miss South Africa 2016 contestant, says that she is nonetheless grateful that her family is safe. This would be in spite of the fact that thieves successfully broke into the family company.

While there is no question that the locks clearly did their job, this story points strongly to the importance of comprehensive security solutions. This would mean taking steps to ensure that when a home or place of business is protected, that protection is provided on every possible level. There are several fascinating elements to this story that are worth keeping in mind.

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