home security system in the summer

Summer is the time of the year when most of us take a relaxing vacation to somewhere we’ve never been before, and while summer vacations are enjoyable and problem-free for most, some fall victim to home burglary. Even if you live in a secluded area, it’s very important to ensure that your home is safe and secure all year round. Follow our home safety tips for a protected house while you’re away.

Surprisingly, making minor alterations to your home security system can discourage potential lawbreakers from trying to break in. Most criminals will target homes that are empty, or appear to be so. If you’re away for an extended period of time, consider installing timed lights that turn on and off at specific times predetermined by you. For extra security and a clean mailbox, cancel home deliveries or have a neighbour collect what you receive. Both tactics will give criminals the impression that the house is occupied and the homeowners are active, which isn’t an ideal break-and-enter situation.

 Never forget to lock your windows and doors whenever you leave the house, no matter how shrort a time you’re gone for. If your doors and windows don’t lock properly, hire a professional to install new locks that fit correctly and stay closed even in serious weather conditions. Lock repair also makes your house a contender for home insurance. Furthermore, put all small and medium-sized valuables you have in your home in a hidden closet, dresser, or safe, and consider locking them up to prevent intruders who make it in from finding them.

To catch any potential burglars while they’re still outside your house, set up an outdoor lighting system that turns on when it gets dark and reveals any suspicious activity. Hide away ladders, stools, and any garden tools you own so criminals don’t have the chance to use them as break-in devices. If the layout of your property allows it, put in loose gravel that rattles when stepped on and prickly plants that cause debilitating pain when touched.

Modern technology advancements have made it very easy for homeowners to record the activity in and around their houses; some devices even allow you to view real-time footage so you know what’s happening at the moment. These home security systems can be installed and connected to your smartphone for easy viewing.

Although it’s handy to use your smartphone for looking after your property, don’t use it to post photos of your vacation while you’re still away, as this can notify nearby thieves and attack your vulnerable house. Better yet, give a spare key to a friend or family member so they can check on your home if you have any concerns.

There are many ways to defend your house from break-in attempts, so even if you only use a few of the tips we mentioned, your house is sure to be safe while you enjoy your summer vacation.