Think Twice before you Purchase a Home Security System

Most of us know someone or have heard about someone being a victim of a home intrusion. This can be a scary thing to think of knowing that it could have easily happened to you. More and more people are getting security systems installed in their homes and this may become an appealing thought to you as well. However, there is a lot more to consider regarding security alarms than you may think.

If you are thinking of getting a home security system then be sure to shop around. Get different quotes from different companies. Keep in mind, companies will offer different deals within their terms so it is good to know what will work best for you.

Simple security alarms can be installed for as low as $500 with a three-year lease agreement. These systems usually just cover exterior door intrusion alarms. The more extravagant systems will cover secondary intrusion points; such as attic openings and windows. These systems will most likely also include motion alarms, pressure pads and sensors. These typically can run you between $1,500 to $3,00 and above.

 Either way you go make sure that the sales representative along with the installer are knowledgeable on the system they are recommending for you. Many sales representatives are just in it for the sales quota with little knowledge about their different systems, while others have been past installers themselves and will have extensive knowledge about the process involved. This is the most important thing you will want to look out for when comparing companies. It’s a good idea to consult your local locksmith beforehand to find out which specific lock or security system is right for your home.

If you don’t want to spend money on costly security systems there are other routes that can be taken. According to Consumers Checkbook, there are many steps a homeowner can take to improve safety of their property that does not include installing a security system. Most consumers will be surprised to know that most intruders are easily deterred by other security measures. Getting exterior sensor lights are one of the biggest deterrence for burglars. Another biggie is getting a dog. The dog does not necessarily need to be a big guard dog. Just the sound of barking alone or a “beware of dog on premise” signs can make a burglar think twice before trying to get into your home.

Consumers Checkbook also recommends doing some of the following security measures before making the final choice of having an alarm system installed. Have all old and weak doors replaced to new and secured ones. Have all sliding doors reinforced so that they cannot be easily broken into. Make sure all valuables are out of sight from windows and doors. This is a big attraction from burglars when choosing what houses to intrude. Keep up the illusion that someone is always at home. This is especially important when going away for a few days or on a trip. Always make sure that someone has been arranged for mail pick up when away.

Lastly, it is important and wise to get home insurance in case a burglary does happen to you. This way you can have the peace of mind that the more expensive valuables will be covered under the replacement coverage of your personal property.