How a Safety Lock Invention is Changing Lives

In 1991, Darren Solan set up his own carpentry business, specializing in designing and installing kitchens.

 By 2008, in the midst of the world’s economic troubles, Solan was forced to let his employees go and his business came to a screeching halt. No longer could people afford the materials or the labour. He went through periods of weeks where no new work came in. He was eventually forced to close his carpentry business, selling off its assets to raise money. Then, he had an idea.

 Throughout his time in carpentry, Solan would regularly arrive at homes with locks on the doors. He would have to wait for someone to find the key to let him in to begin work. To solve this problem, naturally one would go with keyless locks fitted with a standard thumb turn lock to prevent anyone from being locked in. The result of this though are homes with back and/or front doors with low-level locks that don’t operate with a key. Therefore, anyone can get out at any time. For parents with small children, this can be a worry.

 What Solan came up with was Safetwist, an invention that replaces the one cylinder mechanism in the lock with one that children don’t have the ability to open. How it does this is that a non-cylinder look would require more force to open than a child under seven has. After developing the prototype, he applied for and was approved for an innovation voucher. Not long after he go tin touch with the Athlone Institute of Technology to continue development on his model.


 Throughout the next few years, there would be multiple design refinements, independent testing, compliance testing, and patent applications.

 At the end of the day, it took six years to go from start to finish, from the early work of building a prototype through to having a product to sell. Safetwist is now available for purchase, and the company now employs four people and continues to grow.

 For any entrepreneur in the home security or lock landscape, there are many obstacles that stand in the way of a product reaching the marketplace. There are many reasons why this product succeeded though the credit ultimately goes to the entrepreneur at the helm of it.

 Safetwist works because it provides a high security lock for a door compared to what was previously available. When renovating and improving on your home, you want to ensure that security is upheld. Whether you have kids or not, a product such a Safetwist may appeal to you because it does offer a superior service when compared with the traditional, standard locks.

 Though it can be easily forgotten, home thefts happen everywhere on a near daily basis. Wherever you might be in the country, within the last month, it’s a near guarantee that someone near you has had their home broken into or it has at least been attempted. Don’t be one of those people who put off fixing their door lock and who come home to find that their place has been ransacked. Make safety a top priority. If you need a door lock fixed, get it fixed and in doing so, you will ensure your property is thoroughly protected.