Is It Time To Add A Few More Locks?The main entry and exits to your home or business are sure to be secured with your lock hardware of choice—but you might be in need of high-security locks in a few more places. Below are some common places that we suggest adding entirely new locks.

Mail Box Locks

Adding a lock to your mailbox will ensure that your mail is secure. It will also ease your mind if you are out of town for an extended period of time. Locked mailboxes are also an excellent addition to any building with multiple tenants—both commercial or residential.

Added Security For Individual Rooms

If you have a home office, a business with a room that stores sensitive data, or requires restricted access—internal digital locks or biometric fingerprint access are an excellent way to manage entry.

Locks For Drawers Or File Cabinets

It is easy to upgrade or replace the lock hardware that comes standard with your file cabinets or desk drawers. Changing drawer or cabinet locks is always a good idea when there is the change in management, or if you have purchased your office supplies secondhand.

Replace Padlocked Areas

Padlocks are often used to secure storage sheds, lockers, or unattached storage rooms. While padlocks might be sufficient, these locks are not as durable or secure as digital locks—or standard lock and key.

Reprogramming Your Safe

Safes come in all shapes and sizes and provide added security for both home and business owners. If you buy a safe secondhand, it is wise to have the locks professionally reprogrammed—or to replace the hardware and/or electronics altogether. The new safe will come ready to go, but we can always help with initial programming.

Action Locksmiths provides advanced lock and key, or keyless access for Toronto home and business owners. We are available for scheduled upgrades, as well as 24-hour emergency services.