Every homeowner should be prepared with a lockout plan that they can turn to in case they are locked out. This plan should include what to if the entire family is locked out, or if one of the kids is locked out when getting home from school. Below are a few things to consider when putting together your home lockout plan.

Spare Sets Of Keys

First on the list, consider who you can keep a spare set of keys with, such as a trusted friend of family member. Also consider who has a spare set of keys you can pick up, such as a contractor, pet sitter, or old roommate. Call or stop by to pick-up your spare set, but don’t forget to return the key so that you can call again if you need to.

Hide A Key Externally

You can hide a key externally, but not somewhere too obvious. There are many hide-a-key products on the market, but thieves know what to look for, so consider hiding your hide-a-key somewhere remote. In other words, not next to your front door. A few great places to consider include behind a shrub, inside a potted plant, or … you could also place a coded lockbox somewhere secure.

Make Sure Your Kids Know Who To Call

Make sure that your kids know what to do when locked out, such as who to call, or what neighbor’s house they can go to until you come home. Talk to them about the importance of asking for help, otherwise they may try to take things into their own hands. For example, they might attempt to pick your lock, or climb in through an open window.

Have A Locksmith Programmed In Your Phone

If you can’t access a spare set of keys, or your locks are broken or damaged you will need to call a residential locksmith to help you get back in and to repair or replace any broken or damaged locks.

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