With all of the excitement of buying a new home, you must not forget that you must do more than just decorate and furnish your home—but also invest in new locks and home security features. Even if the locks are sound, advanced—and even if they are fairly new, they must be changed. Here’s why.

There May Still Be Sets Of Keys Floating Around

There could be multiple sets of keys floating around from previous tenants, real estate agents, and vendors or contractors, who might not even know there is a new owner. Change the locks and remain confident that now only you and your family have access to your home.

Upgrade To A More Convenient And Advanced Lock

You might be pleasantly surprised at the new and innovative options now available in convenient high-security locks. Consider keyless entry with digital locks or biometric finger print access. If you prefer a key, consider installing a master key system that provides one key that unlocks all doors on your property. For added security add a lock to your mailbox, or change the lock on your current mailbox. In fact, you might even need to upgrade some or all of your exterior doors. Your locksmith will advise you on your best options.

Every New Homeowner Should Have A Designated Toronto Locksmith

Aside from changing the locks on your new home, every homeowner should have a designated locksmith they can turn to when in need of general, last minute, and emergency locksmith needs. In most cases your need for a locksmith will be unplanned. From broken keys, damaged locks, burglary, tenant change, or untimely lost locks—you need to have someone you can turn to.

Even if you don’t need new locks now, take a moment to add Action Locksmiths to your contacts list now. Their phone number is 416-261-1422.