the-vital-role-a-keypad-plays-in-self-storageSelf-storage facilities today don't want to take chances when it comes to installing security systems. Many operators invest in the latest technology to secure their premises from thieves, vandals and burglars. They're in the business of providing a secure storage space for clients, hence, it is just proper that they utilize advanced security systems in and around their facilities.

The keypad security product is a top choice among self-storage operators. The access-control keypad is capable of opening and closing gates and other functions.

This is the first line of defense of operators as it is installed at the gate area. A tenant normally interacts first with this part when he arrives at a storage facility and before he can even enter the premises, he needs to provide his access code. Otherwise, he could not get in.

A keypad security system is made from various materials. It can be made from metal, stainless steel, aluminum or polycarbonate. In terms of its housing, various shapes are now available going beyond the traditional rectangular boxes. Sizes and colours also vary.

Keypads can now be personalized depending on the preference of the self-storage operator. Some can accommodate a facility's logo and personalized greetings on the display area. In addition, this security product can have a pinhole camera to allow the storage staff to see the faces of tenants wanting to enter the facility.

A downside of a metal keypad is it can attract lightning. This is preventable, though. In order to prevent lightning from striking the keypad, it needs to be cleanly grounded according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the product. The super fuses are often used as they are replaceable and can intercept a surge and redirect it safely to the ground.

When choosing this product, however, operators and owners should look not just for the durable body, but an intelligent keypad system as well. This means one that can make decisions internally and is able to screen the tenants properly before giving it access to the facility.

The communication skills of a keypad are another important aspect to consider. A good keypad security system has two-way speakers or pinhole cameras for proper communication between the self-storage staff and the tenant. It also needs to work in collaboration with the management software. In short, management should make sure that every time the tenant provides his access code when he's coming in and going out of the self-storage facility, this is being recorded by a software program for proper monitoring of the management.

With the communication feature alone, the keypad can already be customized to suit any management style of interacting with tenants as they enter and exit the facility's premises. Areas that can be customized are on the assigned key codes, proximity key fobs, time zones that can limit a tenant's access to office hours and access to specific zones in the facility's complex.

It's true that locks and keys can still protect self-storage facilities and their clients from being burglarized but having a keypad system provides additional security that can be more reliable moving forward.