Augmented reality games are becoming increasingly popular as evidenced by the success of the recent Pokemon Go. Imagine applying that concept to finding your keys, your remote, or anything else you tend to lose on a regular basis. Bluetooth item trackers are not a new invention. Both Tile and Protag’s Duet have proven to be effective and popular.

However, no one has ever thought to turn that tracking capability into a game. Pixie endeavours to change that, turning the concept of a Bluetooth item tracker into something that functions as a game that can be pretty fun to play. Pixie functions in the same way that products like Tile or Protag’s Duet do, but Pixie adds augmented reality to the mix. The game will show you the general location of whatever is attached to your Pixie clip. Finding your item then becomes a matter of playing a game of Hot and Cold.

 A neat feature within Pixie is the product’s ability to communicate with multiple devices. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that despite Pixie’s claims, the product does not function exactly like GPS. What it actually does is work like any standard Bluetooth device. This means you will need to at least be within a range of around forty feet.

Pixie is already drawing a good deal of attention for this product. They are also expanding into some pretty interesting areas. For example, they are manufacturing an iPhone case in which the trackers are built right into the case. What’s even better is that these products are going to come with a battery life that will extend to an impressive twelve months.

You will have the ability to purchase a pack of two (including a phone case) for forty-nine dollars, as well as the opportunity to purchase a pack of four (which also includes a phone case) for ninety-nine dollars.