After spending the past eight years in the White House with tons of security, it makes sense that the Obama family would want to make sure that their new home is as safe as possible. They will stay in the Kalorama neighborhood in D.C. while their daughter Sasha finishes high school. The home that they will be moving into is a $5.3 million dollar home that will be getting a number of security upgrades in order to make it as secure as possible. Moving is a headache for everyone, but for past presidents and their families, it can be even more difficult to find a suitable home and make sure that it is safe.

The major security upgrade that will be the most noticeable is a large brick wall that will be built in front of the house. Obviously, this is being built to deter anyone coming onto the property uninvited. Another change in the home is that the garage will be changed into an office. People everywhere have their fingers crossed for an Obama memoir and perhaps this is where that writing will occur. The Obama family has always had impeccable style and this nine bedroom, eight and a half bath home will no doubt be lovely when they are moved in. Neighbors are said to include Jeff Bezos and Ivanka Trump.