Vaults and safes are probably the first things that come to mind when we think of keeping our personal belongings safe. However, there are always going to be situations in which time passes, the owner of a safe passes away, or perhaps moves, and a safe is left forgotten. Although forgotten for the time being, it sits there, and sometimes, it can sit there for decades.

A safe cracker by the name of “Unkapier” took a crack at a sealed vault that had been considered missing for years and years. No one could track down the owner. No one knew what was inside. However, when Unkapier took a crack at opening it, the contents proved to be very shocking indeed. Getting inside proved to be only a minor challenge for Unkapier, who may have simply worked out the combination.

Upon getting the initial door open, Unkapier was struck by the discovery of a second door behind the first one. Opening the second door proved to be easy enough, revealing a number of drawers that might be used to hold jewels, important documents, and similar valuables.

Unkapier discovered several hundred dollars, including several extremely rare two dollar bills. There were apparently other treasures inside the safe but Unkapier refuses to reveal the rest of the contents.