Excitement among software hackers is palpable upon the introduction of several new shortcuts that allow access to Microsoft Windows computers, though owners of said computers are understandably concerned.

It seems that The Shadow Brokers, a popular group in the hacker community, is responsible for seizing these hacks from the NSA, whose workers are required to tear holes in software for spying purposes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened. The first round of hacks was leaked by the same group in August 2016. This second hit, however, may well be the most detrimental hit to the NSA that we know of.

Releasing the shortcuts at the start of Easter weekend was strategic on the group’s part, as many Windows owners will be preoccupied with cooking, cleaning, and socializing, while beginner hackers dubbed “script kiddies” test out their newfound skills.

Investigators claim that some of these new releases could threaten the security of several different Windows systems. For now, all active Microsoft users are urged to take a break from their computers until the dust has settled.