• Electronic locks are great for businesses with high employee turnover. Instead of paying to have your locks re-keyed each time an employee leaves, you can simply reprogram the electronic lock yourself.
  • Employees won’t have to carry a key, so there is no danger of them forgetting it. Keys are small items that are easily misplaced or forgotten. You won’t have to worry about the store opening late or an employee being locked out because they left their key at home.
  • You can grant temporary access to vendors and contractors. Give them the code to the door when they need access, then simply change the code when they no longer need access.
  • No one will ever forget to lock the building up again. Electronic locks automatically lock the door, so you won’t have to worry that your team forgot to lock the door on their way out after a long day. That puts your mind at ease and keeps your building and belongings safe.

Want an electronic lock for your business? Action Locksmiths is a commercial locksmith in Toronto that can install an electronic lock on your building and show you the best ways to put it to work. Give our team a call today to set up an appointment time for the installation of your new keyless entry system!